Kohakuto Jewel Crispy Jelly No-bake Cheesecake Wagashi


i made crispy jelly "Kohakuto" no-bake cheesecake,kohakuto has blue curacao flavor;) it's like a jewelry cake,isn't it?


40g graham crackers
30g melted butter
200g cream cheese(at RT)
60g granulated sugar
2tbsps lemonjuice
200ml fresh cream
melted gelatin(5g instant gelatin and 50ml hot water)
kohakuto(5-10 depend on you)
top layer jelly (5g instant gelatin,150ml hot water and 1/2tsp lemon juice)

if you want to know about Kohakuto recipe,please checke my other video"Wagashi Edible Sea Green Jewel Candies Kohakuto",too!;)



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