How to make Wagashi Kurimushi-Yokan Sweet Chestnuts Anko Cake Japanese Traditional Confection


i made Japanese traditional confectionery Kurimushi Yokan of Wagashi;)
it's sweet chestnuts and red sweet bean paste anko flavors.texture is like soft chocolate cake.
if you come to Japan at this season(autumn),please check Wagashi shop,there are many kind of sweet chestnuts japanese candies.


50g candied sweet chestnuts(for cutting)
300g koshian
25g cane sugar(sifted)
15g sifted sugar
4g arrowroot flour
60mlwater(for dissolve arrowroot flour)

about 8 candied sweet chestnuts(for topping)

making coating agar jelly
0.5g agar powder
25ml water
25g granulated sugar
3g strach syrup



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