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Dragon Quest Slime No Bake Cheesecake ドラゴンクエストのスライム・レアチーズケーキ


Based on the story of [Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride], a new full 3D CG animation, [Dragon Quest Your Story] will be released on August 2, 2019.
To commemorate the occasion, we made a no-bake Slime-themed cheesecake, a perfect dessert for this family of Slime-lovers!
It's said that something like over 120-140 different kinds of Slimes that are said to exist!
That absent-minded face is so cute. Oh, by the way, we love Slimes, but we've never played Dragon Quest before...

*Recipe* (15 x 7 x H 6.5 cm pound cake)

Making The Slime Jelly

1.) You will make the jelly with a ratio of Milk 7: Powdered Gelatin 1: Syrup 3

First, mix the powdered gelatin into the milk and let is sit for a while.
Using a 600 w microwave, heat the milk for 30 seconds at low heat, then stir until the powdered gelatin is dissolved.
Add the syrup (which should now be at room temperature) to the mixture and stir.
Pour the mixture into a mold that is lightly coated in vegetable oil, then put it into the fridge for about an hour and a half to let it cool and harden.
The mold has a maximum capacity of 60 mL, so this time I ended up using 42 g of milk, 6 g of gelatin, and 18 g of syrup. Repeat this process twice.
Remove the Slimes from the mold, then lay them aside to decorate the cake.

Making the Rare Cheesecake

2.) Crush 6 biscuits (54 g) until fine.
3.) Press the ingredients from 3 into a mold after laying the mold onto an oven sheet.
4.) Sprinkle 6 g of powdered gelatin into 35 g of water, and allow the powder to soak into the water.
5.) Take 150 g of cream cheese and either let it sit until it is at room temperature, or heat it for around 30 seconds in the microwave until soft, then mix it in until the mixture is smooth.
6.) Put in 55 g of sugar, then mix.
7.) Add 150 g of fresh cream, then mix.
8.) Add 15 g of lemon juice, then mix.
9.) Heat the ingredients from Step 4 for around 30 seconds in a 600 w microwave, then lightly stir until the powder is completely dissolved.
10.) While stirring in the ingredients from 8 into 9, add them into the mixture. (The cheesecake will begin to harden if the temperature is too low, so it is helpful to work while using a water bath)
11.) Pour a thin layer of the mixture from 10 into the mold in step 3, then arrange the jellies, with the exception of the decoration jellies you made in Step 1.
12.) Pour all of the remaining ingredients from Step 8. (I left around 50 g)
13.) Drop onto a hard surface a few times to remove air bubbles and let flatten it out.
16.) Cool in the fridge for around an hour, and after the surface has solidified, lay down the jelly from Step 1.
17.) Dissolve 2 g of powdered gelatin in 90 g of boiling water.
18.) After it cools to body temperature, gently pour into 16. (There was 50 g of liquid gelatin remaining)
19.) Cool and allow it to solidify for 2 more hours in the fridge.
20.) Wrap in a steamed towel, and remove from the mold. The teflon-coated oven sheet we used this time was difficult to remove from the rare cheesecake, so we used a knife that we warmed in some boiling water and removed the moisture from in order to peel the cake from the sheet.
21.) Finished! You've made a rare cheesecake that tastes like blue Hawaiian milk jelly.

「ドラゴンクエストⅤ 天空の花嫁」のストーリーを原案にした
フル3DCGアニメーション『ドラゴンクエスト ユア・ストーリー』が、

*レシピ*(15✕7✕H6.5センチ パウンド型)

1.牛乳 7:粉ゼラチン 1:シロップ 3の割合でゼリーを作ります。
型が全容量 60mlだったので、今回 牛乳 42g、粉ゼラチン 6g、シロップ 18gで作りました。この作業を2回繰り返します。

2.ビスケット 6枚(54g)を細かく砕く。
4.水 35gに粉ゼラチン 6gをふり入れて、ふやかしておく。
5.室温戻すか、電子レンジで約30秒加熱してやわらかくしたクリームチーズ 150gをなめらかになるまで混ぜる。
6.砂糖 55gを入れ、混ぜる。
7.生クリーム 150gを加え、混ぜる。
8.レモン汁 15gを加え混ぜる。

17.お湯 90gに粉ゼラチン 2gを溶かす。

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