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鶏卵素麺を作ってみた Fine Egg Noodles ( Fios de Ovos / Foi Thong )


We tried making "Fine egg noodles," which is made from spilling thin egg liquid into sugar solution. It is a sweet that was brought to Nagasaki from Portugal during the 16th century (the Azuchi-Momoyama period). There is a sweet called Fios de Ovos in Portugal and another called Foi Thong in Thailand, and both are the similar kinds of sweets. This fine egg noodle is mysterious food that is hard to describe with flavor and texture you have never tasted before. The fragrance of the egg fluffs up before its sweetness spreads throughout the mouth then unfolds itself. The vibrant yellow was characteristic of this sweet. It was fun making it!
*Recipe" (3.5 cm, 8 servings)
Prepare egg liquid
1. Remove the yolk from five eggs. Add one teaspoon of egg white after breaking the egg also.
2. Strain, and mix well.
3. Put in a container with about a 2mm size hole

Make sugar solution

4. Put 600g of sugar, and 800ml of water in a pot and put it on a stove.
5. After boiling, let it simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes.
6. Put it to low heat and pour 3. in thinly.
7. Make the heat a bit stronger, heat for a minute and a bit then stop the heat.
8. Fix the shape (roughly) and take it out on a tray, etc.
9. Cut the sugar solution and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
10. Done. Surprised it was a success!

砂糖液に卵液を細く垂らして作る“鶏卵そうめん”作りに挑戦しました。16世紀(安土桃山時代)にポルトガルから長崎に伝わったお菓子だそうです。ポルトガルではfios de ovos、タイにもFoi Thongという同じようなお菓子があるそうです。この鶏卵そうめん、今まで食べたことのない 味と食感でなんともいえない不思議な食べ物。卵の香りがふわっとした後に甘さが口に広がり、ハラハラとほどける、鮮やかな黄色が印象的なお菓子でした。作れて楽しかった!

*レシピ*(3.5センチ 8個分)

1.卵 5個は卵黄を取り出す。殻を割った後に残った卵白 小さじ 1も一緒に合わせておく。

4.鍋に砂糖 600g、水 800gを入れ火にかける。


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