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鶏卵素麺 in 水信玄餅 Egg Noodles Raindrop Cake


1.アガー 10gを鍋に入れる。
2.水 450gを少しずつ注ぎ、アガーがダマにならないように混ぜる。
4.火から下ろし、シロップ 25gを加え混ぜる。シロップは鶏卵そうめんを作ったとき残った砂糖液を濾して使っています。

The yellow in the last fine egg noodles was so vivid and pretty so we made it into a jelly. The result is a chilled jelly with a mysterious texture!


1. Put 10g of agar in a pot.
2. Pour 450 ml of water little by little without the agar turning into balls.
3. Put it on a stove and make it come to a light boil.
4. Put if off the the stove, add 25ml of syrup then mix. Syrup used is strained from the water solution when cooking fine egg noodles.
5. Put fine egg noodles in a mold you like.
6. Let it cool down to about 50 degrees then pour 4. into 5. Let it cool in the fridge.
7. Take it out of the mold and serve. It is pretty and slightly sweet.

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