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Cute Yatai-style cheese balls ころころかわいい屋台風チーズボール


We wanted to try something inspired by street food so we created this dish.
Crispy and chewy, the melted cheese flows out for a delicious taste!
If this was on the menu of a Yatai food stall or a food truck, we would definitely order this dish.
We think this would be even more tasty if jalapeno or something else spicy was added!
*Recipe*. (Makes 20)
1. Make cross-shaped cuts in 250 grams of May Queen potatoes and wrap in plastic wrap without while still wet.
2. Heat in a 600 watt microwave oven for 4.5 to 5 minutes.
3. Peel and crush with 20 grams of butter and a pinch of salt.
4. Mix in 5 grams of milk and 60 grams of corn starch.
5. Cut two pieces of "sakeru cheese (string cheese)" into 20 equal pieces. Reserve 40 grams of pizza cheese.
6. Wrap one piece of string cheese and 2 grams of the pizza cheese with the potato mixture and roll into a ball shape.
7. Deep fry in 180 ℃ oil for 3 minutes
8. Done. Just like a dish at a Yatai food stall.

カリッ もちっ。そしてチーズがとろっと出てきて おいしい!
と思ってたらtrader vic'sにそういうのあるみたい。

1.洗ったメークイーン 250gは十文字に浅い切込みを入れ、濡れたままラップに包む。
3.皮を剥き、バター 20g、塩 ひとつまみを加え潰す。
4.牛乳 15g、片栗粉 60gを加え混ぜる。
5.さけるチーズ 2本は20等分に切る。ピザ用チーズ 40gを準備する。
6.15gほどの4で5のさけるチーズとピザ用チーズ 2gを包みコロコロと丸める。

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