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Whole Tangerine Daifuku ( Mochi Cake ) 丸ごとみかん大福


Happy New Year ! It is MosoGourmet's 10th anniversary this year !
We liked out Whole Strawberry Daifuku video and are recent Mandarin Orange Raindrop Cake video was also very well received, so this time we decided to make daifuku with whole tangerines! The tangerines are put through a lot by being boiled and cooled with water twice, but the result is a really fresh tasting sweet. We've got whole series of whole fruit daifuku on our hands!
* Recipe * (Makes 3 tangerine daifuku)
Peel the tangerine neatly
1. Boil water in a pot.
2. Turn off the heat, place 3 tangerines (small tangerines, approx 70g each) in the water and cover with a lid.
3. Place in cold water
4. When they have cooled down, peel the skin off from the top downward.
5. Color 50 mL of water with orange food coloring.
6. Mix one tablespoon of sugar into 55g of rice flour.
7. Add the colored water into the flour mixture slowly, kneading as you go. Adjust the amount of water to make it as hard as your ear lobe.
8. Divide into 3 pieces (approximately 35g each).
9. Make them into a circle, add 5g of white bean paste and wrap up the tangerines prepared in step 4.

If it's hard to wrap the the tangerine, it may help to wet your fingers with the water remaining from step 5.

10. Poke small holes in the daifuku with a toothpick.
11. Place in boiling water for 4 minutes,including the baking paper. You may boil them a little longer if you're worried.
12. Place in cold water to cool down.
13. Decorate with mint leaves.
14. It's time to eat! Because they're sticky, it's best to wet your hands before eating or hold the baking paper.

前回の丸ごといちご大福が気に入ったのと 昔の動画の丸ごとみかんゼリーが最近好評なのをうけて
丸ごといちご大福に続いて、茹でて作る丸ごとみかん大福、作りました。2回茹でられ、水にも2回入れられるという試練に耐えた みかんですが、できあがりはフレッシュな味わいです。丸ごと大福、シリーズ化の予感。(正確には白玉なのでなんちゃって大福ですね。)

*レシピ*(3みかん大福 分)
2.火を止め、みかん 3個(Sサイズ 1個 およそ70g)を入れフタをして5分待つ。

5.水 50mlを食用色素でオレンジに着色する。
6.白玉粉 55gに砂糖 大さじ 1 入れ混ぜる。
9.8を丸く広げ、白あん 5gをのせ、4のみかんを包む。

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