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Strawberry Bread Cube 四角いいちごパン(柿ではない)



*レシピ*(7センチのキューブイチゴ 3個分)
ボウルに室温に戻した無塩バター 40gを泡立て器で混ぜる。
2.砂糖 30gを加え混ぜる。
3.牛乳 15gを入れ、混ぜる。
4.薄力粉 44g、コーンスターチ 45g、抹茶パウダー 1gを合わせてふるい入れる。

強力粉 215g、砂糖 30g、塩 4g、スキムミルク(今回、スキムミルクを切らしていたので、コーヒー用のミルクパウダー)7g、ドライイースト 3g、ぬるま湯(室温の低い日だったので 30度くらい)125gを入れこねる。
2.ザッとひとまとまりになったら、無塩バター 25gを加えこねる。
3.全量 390gからおおよそ200gを取り分ける。丸くまとめ植物油を薄く塗ったボウルに入れる。
4.残りの生地にフリーズドライのストロベリーパウダー 10gを入れて辛抱強くこねる。動画では、少量の水でこねてから加えていますが、そのまま加えたほうがよかったのでは、と後悔しました。いちごフレイバーにこだわらなければ、食用色素でもいいです。
10.生地を6✕20センチほどに伸ばし、イチゴの粒ジャム 35gを分けてのせる。


We made strawberry bread that is filled with strawberries by making a jam using freeze-dried strawberry powder. We used a milk carton as the mold to make it into a cute cubic shape.

After putting on the leaf made out of cookie, wait... is that a persimmon...? But that's okay, the taste is more 'strawberry' than you can imagine!

*Recipe* (Makes 3 Cubic Strawberries of 7cm)

First, we prepare the cookie dough.

1. Whisk 40 g of unsalted butter that has been left at room temperature.
2. Add 30g of sugar and mix.
3. Add 15g of milk and mix.
4. Sieve 44g of cake flour, 45g of cornstarch, and 1g of green tea powder together.
5. Collect the dough into a lump and stretch it to a thickness of about 6mm before keeping it in the refrigerator.

We will now start to make the bread.

1. Add 125g of lukewarm water (about 30 degrees since the room temperature is quite low today) to 215g of strong flour, 30g of sugar, 4g of salt, 7g of skim milk (we are using milk powder for coffee this time as we could not get skim milk), 3g of dry yeast, and knead.
2. Once all the ingredients are mixed well together, add 25g of unsalted butter and knead.
3. Take about 200g from the total of 390g, round the dough, and place it in a bowl that has been thinly coated with vegetable oil.
4. Put 10g of the freeze-dried strawberry powder into the remaining dough and knead slowly. We added the powder after kneading the dough with a small amount of water in the video, but regretted it as it was better to knead it in just as it is. You can simply use food coloring if you are not particular about having the strawberry flavor.
5. Round the pink dough and place it in a bowl that has been thinly coated with vegetable oil.
6. Leave 3 and 5 at 30 degrees for 40 minutes, and ferment them until they become about double the size (first fermentation).
7. Release the air.
8. Split the dough into three equal portions and make them round.
9. Cover with a wet cloth for 15 minutes (bench time).
10. Extend the dough to about 6 x 20cm, and put 35g of strawberry jam on each of them.
11. Put the pink dough on top of the white dough and roll them up.
12. Use the milk carton to shape them into cubes before putting them onto the oven sheet.
13. Put 11 in 12, attach with rubber bands, and ferment at 35 degrees for 40 minutes until the dough reaches about 1.5 times its size (second fermentation).
14. Remove the rubber bands and wrap them tightly in aluminum foil.
15. Preheat to 190 degrees and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.
16. Remove them from the molds while they are still hot.
17. Shape 5 and bake in an oven that has been preheated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
18. Stick 17 to 16 using either icing or chocolate.
19. It's all done. Try it! I guarantee it's not a persimmon.

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