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Taiwanese Castella that You Can Bake at Home! (with severe noise...) お家でできる 台湾カステラ(ノイズあり)


Taiwanese castella is a light and fluffy sponge cake. Hearing that it could be baked at home, we gave it a try. Simple and with a full eggy flavor, castella has a very satisfying taste. Easy to slice and light and fluffy even when chilled, it also makes a great gift! (When I tried to edit, I noticed a terrible noise...)
* Recipe * (18 cm square pan)
1. Divide 6 eggs into yolks and whites.
2. Heat 60 g salad oil in a 600-watt microwave oven for 40 seconds, then pour into a bowl.
3. Sift 95 g flour into the bowl and mix with the oil.
4. Heat 85 g milk for 30 seconds in a microwave oven, then mix with the oil and flour.
5. Add two of the egg yolks at a time, mixing into the mixture.
6. Add 100 g sugar to the egg whites to create a stiff meringue.
7. Dividing it into several portions, gradually add the meringue to the mixture in the bowl.
8. Line the pan with baking paper and pour in the mixture.
9.Place the pan on an oven tray filled with a generous amount of hot water and bake for 50 minutes in oven preheated to 170 degrees. To avoid burning the castella, we covered it in a sheet of aluminum foil about 10 minutes before finishing baking.
10. The castella is fully baked when a bamboo skewer that has been inserted comes out clean.
11. Remove the castella from the pan and slice up. The castella will be soft, but easy to slice. Popping your fluffy castella into a bag as is done in the Taiwanese castella stores will make for a great gift.


*レシピ*(18センチ スクエア型)
1.卵 6個を卵黄と卵白に分ける。
2.600wの電子レンジで40秒加熱したサラダ油 60gをボウルに入れる。
3.薄力粉 95gをフルイ入れ混ぜる。
4.600wの電子レンジで30秒加熱した牛乳 85gを入れ混ぜる。
6.1の卵白に砂糖 100gを加え、しっかりとしたメレンゲを作る。

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