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Simple and Cute Strawberry Cake the Moso-Style 簡単カワイイ 妄想グルメ的 苺ケーキの作り方


Simple but cute ! We made a strawberry cake using store-bought sponge cake. We used the same method for the one we made with bread 7 years ago.
It does not involve MosoGourmet's weak points: coating the cake with cream or piping cream, so do not hesitate to try it. We are very thankful for the strawberry season, although it is about to end. We are looking forward to it again next year.
*Recipe* (15cm diameter/No.5)
1. Add 10g granulated sugar to 20g hot water. After it cools down, add 8g kirschwasser and mix it to make the syrup.
2. Glaze both the top and bottom of the chocolate sponge cake with the syrup made in step 1 on the sides that will be facing the cream.
3. Cut out oval shapes from the top sponge with a cookie cutter (Over 2cm.)
4. Cut out oval shapes from the strawberries as you did in step 3, and slice the remainders of the strawberries.
5. Fit the strawberries from step 4 into the sponge from step 3.
6. Add 20g sugar to 135g fresh cream, and lightly whip.
7. Spread a layer of the whipped cream from step 6 on the bottom sponge. After that, evenly layer on the sliced strawberries from step 4, then spread another layer of whipped cream on top of them.
8. Put on the top sponge from step 5.
9. If you feel the sponge will dry up, glaze the sponge with the syrup from step 1 while avoiding the strawberries. (Some whipped cream leftovers remained.)
10. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour and let it rest. Be careful that it does not dry up.
11. Garnish the strawberries with a green color to imitate their stems.
12. Done. Oh, we had such a plate! So yeah, it looks great when you serve it on a high plate.


*レシピ*(15センチ 5号)

1.お湯 20gにグラニュー糖 10gを加えて、粗熱がとれてからキルシュワッサー 8gを加え混ぜシロップを作ります。
6.生クリーム 135gにグラニュー糖 20gを加え少し緩めにホイップする。
10.冷蔵庫で落ち着くまで1時間程度 冷やす。乾燥しないように気をつけて!

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